Grief is a normal reaction to the loss of a loved one. However, when not handled properly, grief can lead to depression and poor health. Death Sucks, Life Doesn't Have To is the inspirational story of how author and speaker Brea Behn lost her twin at the age of fifteen to an accident with a handgun. The loss of her twin spiraled her into depression and resulted in serious health problems. In her twenty year journey she has healed to find peace, joy, and happiness. Brea will share with you how she accomplished this and some great tips and suggestions on how others can too. Also included is a great resources chapter full of suggested books, lists, and websites to help readers personalize their journey of healing.

Wolves in the City, dystopian, mature YA
The Wolves Series

Meet a boy named Adam in his world of nonverbal autism. He will take you with him on great alphabetical and colorful adventures in his mind. Come along with Adam to the world he creates to escape his real-life hardships. Adam gets through both worlds with the help of the strength and courage he never knew he had. All while learning he is a unique and special person. The Colors of a Mind will show you how Adam overcomes his fears, hardships and his real-life tragedies with love, courage, and strength in fun and exciting adventures.

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Wolves in School, dystopian, mature YA

Dystopian YA


Seventeen-year-old Ace is running out of time. Any day now, he will become a Flesh Faller. Just another teen fallen in the seventy years since it began. With each generation, hope slips further for humanity. Then Ace’s long lost father returns with a message. He may have found a cure. Ace leaves the safety of his hometown of Lakelan. Facing gangs who sell Vaxxers, Flesh Fallers and waiting to turn any day… will he find a cure in time? Will he find a cure at all? Find out, in Vaxxers.

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Wolves in School, dystopian, mature YA
Wolves in the Woods, dystopian, mature YA
Wolves Series Boxed Set