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Interested in having Brea come speak at your conference, school, library, book store, church or other venue? Brea has spoken on: hybrid publishing, marketing, PTSD, book covers, grieving as a teen and many other topics. See a sample of Brea speaking below. 

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Is Brea self-published or does she have an agent?

Primarily YA dystopian fiction (same category as Hunger Games and Divergent). Although her newest book is a middle grade and she also write's non-fiction. Plus one sweet adult romance story, just to keep things interesting. 

Find out more about Brea's books and stories at the Books by Brea tab. 

Brea would love to come speak at your venue. Topics Brea has spoken on include: her books (including book readings), publishing 101, hybrid publishing, book covers, marketing, social media, PTSD, grieving as a teen (inspirational) and many more. If there's a topic you'd be interested in having Brea speak on, just click the contact tab. 

What does Brea write?

Find Brea's seven books, short stories and anthologies she is included in on her Amazon page or look for each book individually on the Books by Brea tab. Thank you!

Both! Brea is a hybrid author. She got her first yes from an independent publisher in 2014 with Wolves in the Woods. She published two more books with that publisher before signing with an agent. Since then, she has self-published her books while her agent pitches a book for traditional publication. Brea now has seven books published and is represented by the Purcell Agency. 

What does Brea speak about?

Amazon best-selling author and speaker, Brea Behn.

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