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Seventeen-year-old Ace is running out of time. Any day now, he will become a Flesh Faller. Just another teen fallen in the seventy years since it began. With each generation, hope slips further for humanity. Then Ace’s long lost father returns with a message. He may have found a cure. Ace leaves the safety of his hometown of Lakelan to travel through many dangers. He must face gangs, hoards of Flesh Fallers and the basics of survival. Will he find a cure in time? Will he find a cure at all? Find out, in Vaxxers.

Brea's Newest YA ZPoc: Vaxxers

"This is a fascinating take on zombies! Rarely do we see books in the zombie genre with unique twists like this, and it's done so well!"

​"It is like Gatica meets I am Legend."

​"This story was a mind-bender for sure!"